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Solar energy system - If you are sold on the idea of having solar panels installed, but need a bit more information, contact us to find out how much you can really save by installing them. Depending on your location, income level and the amount of electricity you obtain from your solar system when it is in operation, solar modules can pay for themselves in three to four years.

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Photovoltaic (PV) solar installers, commonly referred to as photovoltaic installers, assemble, install or maintain solar panel systems on rooftops or other structures. Photovoltaic installers use complex electrical and mechanical equipment to build support structures for solar panels, connect panels to electrical systems and troubleshoot problems. The PV installer must be able to create the support structure, hold the PV panels in place and properly connect the panels to the electrical system.

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Since solar panels convert sunlight into electricity, solar panel installers must also connect the panels to the electrical system.

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Before choosing a contractor for your solar system, make sure that you can trust them and that their offer is transparent and complete.

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If your roof is newer and still covered by the manufacturer's warranty, ask your roofing contractor to confirm in writing that installing solar panels will not void your warranty.

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Are Solar Panels Right For Me?

Having solar panels on your roof allows you to become more independent from the National Grid, reduce your home's impact on the environment and have greater control over how and when your energy is used. Going Solar Guide


I was very pleased with the end-to-end experience working with Solar Solutions. With the initial meeting to discuss their proposal the tone of the business came across as very clearly - a well run, fully integrated business that puts customer experience and satisfaction first. In particular, I appreciated the friendly, courteous and professional installation crew. Beyond their experience and competitive price, the other big selling point for me was Solar Solutions integrated model rather than subcontracting out their crews.

Minneapolis, MN
Leo M.

Their support team helped me navigate the interconnection process, get my project up to code, and start generating power. They were responsive to my numerous questions and great to work with. If you're looking at a solar project and want professionals working on your project, I strongly encourage you to contact these guys. They are great!

North Oaks, MN
V. Peterson

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